Upcoming Show: California Art Club presents “Musical Motifs”

Copyright 2017 Kathy Bauer

I am honored to have my painting, “Afternoon Etudes” be accepted into the California Art Club’s show “Musical Motifs.” This painting depicts my daughter, Ever, practicing her etudes (studies). She practices every day and when the afternoon light beams in the window it is quite a sight. People often ask me when is the right time/age to have a portrait done of their child. My answer is always, that the age is not as important as the photograph. When a photo has all the right elements (natural lighting, relaxed facial expression, etc.) then that’s when to get a portrait painted.

When working on portraits of children, I will try to get some sketches done from life, to get to know the subject, their mannerisms and personality. This information will then inform the work when I have to work from a photograph. Of course, the most ideal portrait is painted from life, while the model sits still for hours. But when it comes to children this really isn’t an option. When I try to draw portraits of my daughter while she poses, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes before she asks if I could just take a photo and work from that.

I do have a lot of opportunities to sketch and make color notes while she practices the violin since she is in the Honors Strings Orchestra at school and the music teacher asks that they practice every day for at least a half hour. It is my hope that the beauty of the music and her soul shines through the painting as much as the light.

“Musical Motifs” runs from January 27-May 30, 2017 at the Altadena Town and Country Club in Altadena, CA.

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